SleepEasy Tinnitus Pillow

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Tinnitus pain is bearable during the day but it can disturb your sleep in the quiet of the night. 

If tinnitus worsens when you sleep, you may need a tinnitus pillow. 

SleepEasy Tinnitus Pillow keeps space between your ear and the pillow. It doesn’t touch your ear and helps reduce tinnitus discomfort. 

SleepEasy Tinnitus Pillow is a must-try for any tinnitus patient. It may not work perfectly but it can alleviate the pain and discomfort considerably. 

The pillow measures 18" x 14.5" x 3". The hole measures 2" x 4.5" at its largest point.


Product Details


Color White
Product Type  Physical Product
Material Memory Foam
Height 14.50 Inches
Width 18.00 Inches
Weight 7.05 Ounces
Depth 3.00 Inches
GTIN 695087999974
Brand CNH Pillow
Product Care Instruction  Machine Washable
Hole Size 2" x 4.5"
Fabric Type Cotton blend

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  • 5
    CNH Pillow

    Posted by Zoey on Mar 31st 2023

    I've been using the CNH Pillow for a few weeks now, and I am already feeling the benefits. The pillow is so comfortable to sleep on, and I no longer wake up with sore ears.

  • 5
    CNH Pillow

    Posted by Olivia on Feb 25th 2023

    The pillow has a specially designed hole that relieves pressure on the ear, preventing ear pain and irritation. The hole in the pillow is positioned in just the right place to relieve pressure on the ear without compromising the support and comfort of the pillow.

  • 5

    Posted by Misael on Jan 26th 2023

    The SleepEasy CNH Tinnitus pillow is specifically designed to help alleviate Tinnitus symptoms by providing neck and head support that reduces pressure on the ear canal which helps to decrease the ringing. The memory foam is also very comfortable and conforms to my head and neck perfectly. It's also hypoallergenic and easy to clean with a removable and washable cover. I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from Tinnitus and looking for a pillow that offers both comfort and support.

  • 5
    Tinnitus pillow

    Posted by Margret on Nov 14th 2022

    I can’t even imagine what I suffered, I got cured but this pillow made my journey pain-free.

  • 5
    Tinnitus pillow

    Posted by Helen on Nov 14th 2022

    A year ago, I suffered from tinnitus, and this pillow helped me got me some painless sleep at night. I am still using it today.

  • 5
    Tinnitus pillow

    Posted by Susan on Nov 1st 2022

    As a working woman, sleep is very important for me but tinnitus pain. I couldn't bear it. Thank god. I choose this pillow which helped me recover form tinnitus.

  • 5
    Tinnitus pillow

    Posted by Emily on Oct 25th 2022

    I suffered from tinnitus for a year, after buying this pillow, Thank God! I got rid of this terrible pain, Just took a sigh of relief.

  • 5
    Tinnitus pillow

    Posted by Stephan on Oct 24th 2022

    Cnh pillows made this particular pillow for tinnitus pains and I think this is just perfect for such people fighting with tinnitus and for me also.