How big is the hole?

You asked: We made the hole bigger! The hole is an oval measuring 4.25 inches from top to bottom and 2 inches from side to side.


What if my ear doesn't fit in the hole?

For your ear not to fit in the hole, it would have to be 2" x 4.25" inches in size. Does your entire ear hurt when you sleep, or just part? While it is unlikely that your ear will not fit in the hole, you can always position your head so that the tender pressure sore is centered over the hole.


What if I move my ear off the hole while I sleep?

Most of our customers are people suffering from CNH, or pressure sores on the ear. Some people, as they age, move around less and less in their sleep. If you have an ear pressure sore, you're probably one of those people who sleeps for a long time in one position, putting prolonged pressure on the ear. You're less likely to move off of the hole, because NOT moving in your sleep is likely what led to the pressure sore. If you lie on the hole and experience relief, but then move off of the hole and experience pain, you will train yourself to stay in that comfortable spot. For customers who buy the SleepEasy CNH Pillow® but don't suffer from CNH – people with an infected ear piercing, for example – you likely will not stay positioned over the hole in your sleep. You can use the CNH Pillow to comfortably fall asleep without ear pain; if you move while sleeping and experience pain that wakes you up, you can simply move back to the desired position.


Why should I buy the SleepEasy CNH Pillow®?

The CNH Pillow we manufacture is specially made to cradle the ear and relieve pressure. Much effort and careful thought has gone into the design, from the materials we use to the exact size of the hole, how it is cut, how the cover is made, and even how it is packaged. It comes to you as a finished product, so there is no need to go through a trial and error process of cutting up pillows while you try to find something that works.


What is the pillow made of?

Both the soft and firm SleepEasy CNH Pillow® are made of molded polyurethane foam; the difference is the density of the foam. The soft is similar to memory foam, and while it is very soft, it does not collapse. The firm is firmer than typical memory foam. It contains no harsh chemicals and has no odor, although sometimes the pillows need a few days to air out after being sealed in plastic during shipment. The pillows and covers are manufactured in Texas. The cover is made of quilted fabric; the exterior is cotton; the backing is polyester. It is removable and washable. When removing the cover, please be gentle as the foam may tear if you handle it roughly.


Why is the pillow so thin?

To keep costs down, we manufacture our pillows in one size only. The (soft) CNH Pillow is very soft and very thin: just 3 inches. If you prefer a thin pillow, or no pillow, use just the CNH Pillow. If you prefer a thicker pillow, you can place the CNH Pillow on top of any number or size of additional pillows you wish. We believe the SleepEasy CNH Pillow®, when used with our customers' other pillows, thick or thin, can suit anyone's comfort preferences.


What should I do when I receive my pillow?

We package the pillows in the plastic as loosely as possible, so that you can examine it without removing the plastic:

  • Squeeze the pillow to determine firmness/softness
  • Look to see cover and how it's made
  • Rest your head to see if it is comfortable for neck and shoulders
  • Look to see exactly where hole placement is
  • GENTLY push plastic into the hole and rest your ear to get an idea of how it will feel
  • Place pillow on your bed, with or without other pillows, to determine height
  • Please do all of these things before removing the plastic!



Why can't I try it out and send it back for a full refund if I don't like it?

The SleepEasy CNH Pillow® is not a “try before you buy” product. Because this is a bedding product, we are prohibited from reselling returns that have been used. In fact, once the plastic has been opened, even if the pillow is in pristine condition, we can't sell it to anyone else - it's trash. We try to strike a balance: charging up to a 25% fee for returns that have been opened keeps us from taking a complete loss while still refunding as much as possible to the customer. We have made every effort to fully inform the customer of both our return policy and to ship the pillow in such a way that the customer can make an informed decision without breaking the seal on the clear plastic cover.


My pillow has a little tear in the foam. What should I do?

When treated roughly, the foam may tear. Over time, little tears may develop, but they usually do not affect the function of the pillow. Using the original cover will protect the foam from tears. Please use care when removing or replacing the cover. We do not intentionally send out pillows with any imperfections, but occasionally we miss something; please call (+1-888-444-8214) if you feel you have received a defective product.


What is your return policy?

Please let us know if you are returning your pillow by emailing. Include your name and order number in the package. Returned bedding products must be in original unused condition. Returned products may be refused or assessed a restocking fee if not returned in the original packaging. Returned products may be assessed a restocking fee if the plastic seal has been broken. Pillows must be returned within 30 days of purchase. 


How quickly can I get the pillow? What are my shipping options?

We ship UPS - Ground (usually 2-3 days and cheapest). If an order is received before 2pm CST, it will usually be shipped the same day. Orders received after 2pm will be shipped on the next business day. Orders are shipped from Houston, Texas. If you have an urgent need, we also offer UPS - Second Day Air and UPS - Next Day Air as shipping methods. If you are outside the USA, please buy the pillow through eBay for the best shipping experience.


Is the SleepEasy CNH Pillow® sold in stores? Do you have a physical location?

The CNH Pillow is not in stores - with the exception of Heritage Home Medical Equipment in Wichita Falls TX. If you're in the Wichita Falls area, we encourage you to visit the store and buy in person if possible. 

If you are a medical equipment store or pharmacy and would like to carry the SleepEasy CNH Pillow®, please contact us for information. 

You can buy directly from our website, mail order, on Amazon, or on eBay. We have a physical location in Houston, Texas, where we manufacture the pillows and covers, but we are not open to the public.



Do you sell the CNH Pillow internationally?

Yes we do! You should be able to make a purchase to ship internationally through our website or through eBay. We highly recommend buying through eBay if you need international shipping! eBay will calculate all fees up front, including any import taxes, and there should be no surprises when the package arrives. Here's the link to our eBay listings: CNH Pillow on eBay. Please check shipping prices at both places as there may be a significant difference. If you have any trouble placing an international order, please email us. PLEASE NOTE: International orders may be subject to customs fees, which are not included in our sales and shipping prices. We have no control over these fees, nor are we able to calculate the fees, which vary from country to country. Please check with your local postal carrier for information on time delays, regulations on imported merchandise, and any associated fees before ordering. We do not issue full refunds for refused international packages.


Is the CNH Pillow covered by medicare or other health insurance?

No, we do not contract with any insurance company, nor with medicare.