SleepEasy Pillows For Ear Pressure Sores

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  • Experience relief from pressure sores on the ear with the innovative SleepEasy CNH pillow.
  • Specifically designed for those suffering from ear pressure sores, our pillows provide maximum comfort and promote quick healing.
  • The unique design acts as a perfect pressure sore cushion, ensuring pressure-free positioning and optimal support for a restful night's sleep.
  • The ultimate solution for comfort and healing, our pressure sore on ear pillow is designed to treat you to a restful night's sleep.
  • The ear soreness pillow includes a blended cotton, machine-washable cover.
  • Dimensions: 18" x 14.5" x 3".
  • The ear hole on the pillow measures 2" x 4.5" at its largest point.
  • Explore our SleepEasy Ear Piercing Pillow for a more relaxing and stress-free experience during ear piercing.


Product Details

Product Features
Color: White
Product Type: Physical
Brand: CNH Pillow
Fabric Type: Cotton blend
Product Care Instruction: Machine Washable
GTIN: 695087999974
Memory Foam
Height: 14.50 Inches
Width: 18.00 Inches
Weight: 7.05 Ounces
Depth: 3.00 Inches
Hole Size: 2" x 4.5"

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  • 5
    CNH Pillow

    Posted by Zoey on Mar 31st 2023

    I've been using the CNH Pillow for several months now, and it has significantly reduced the irritation and soreness I used to experience from sleeping on a traditional pillow. The pillow is incredibly comfortable and has even helped me sleep better overall.

  • 5
    CNH Pillow

    Posted by Zoey on Feb 25th 2023

    This is the best pillow I've ever used. The hole makes all the difference in the world for my ear pain, and the memory foam provides great support.

  • 5
    CNH Pillow

    Posted by Lily on Feb 25th 2023

    One of the things that I appreciate about this pillow is its unique design. The hole in the pillow is positioned in just the right place to relieve pressure on the ear without compromising the support and comfort of the pillow.

  • 4
    Pillow with hole

    Posted by Sara on Feb 18th 2023

    Pillow with a hole is a game-changer! Great support for the head and neck and takes pressure off the ear. Quality materials and construction. Highly recommended for anyone with similar issues.

  • 5
    CNH Pillow

    Posted by Fariha Mir on Dec 30th 2022

    The pillow I received is lightweight and of good quality. I can use it on trips and sleep comfortably without experiencing any ear pain thanks to this product.

  • 5
    CNH pillow

    Posted by Olivia on Dec 19th 2022

    My CNH pillow provided me with a comfortable cushion with a hole that allowed me to sleep on my side during my ear piercing.

  • 5
    CNH pillow

    Posted by Zara on Dec 16th 2022

    It helps me to sleep comfortably during my ear piercing, and I can also use it when traveling. It can also protect my earring from getting caught or pressed, which can be painful.

  • 5
    CNH Pillow

    Posted by Marry on Dec 7th 2022

    The hole in this product allows me to sleep comfortably during my ear piercing. Additionally, I can use this while traveling and it is very useful for sleeping.

  • 5
    CNH Pillow

    Posted by Jerry on Dec 2nd 2022

    I received my pillow with an extra case, and I slept soundly without ear pain last night. The pillow's quality is good, and the benefit is that we can easily change our pillowcase to a washable.