SleepEasy Pillow for Pressure Sores on Ear

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Pressure sores on the ear can cause tremendous pain and discomfort. If you don’t have a good pillow for pressure sores on ear, you may not sleep at night.

To heal pressure sores on the ear, your ears must not rub against anything. You can control your movement during the day but you may undo the healing at night by letting your ear rub against the pillow.

You need medicines as well as care for healing the pressure sores but you’ll need a high-quality ear pillow like SleepEasy Ear Soreness Pillow for sleeping well.

SleepEasy Ear Soreness Pillow is a pillow with a cutout in the foam for the ear. This ear hole stops your ear from touching the pillow or the bedding.

SleepEasy Ear Soreness Pillow is made with memory foam. A memory foam pillow is comfortable, adjusts to your contour, and lasts long.

Our ear soreness pillow comes with a 100% cotton, machine-washable pillow cover. It measures 18" x 14.5" x 3". The ear hole on the pillow measures 2" x 4.5" at its largest point.