​How to Care Your Ears Otoplasty Surgery

​How to Care Your Ears Otoplasty Surgery

Posted by Dr. Cannon on May 22nd 2022

Otoplasty is one of the most popular facial plastic surgeries. Otoplasty changes the size, shape, and position of ears. This surgery is performed with only local anesthesia and you can keep on with your day right after the surgery.

Immediate Aftercare for Otoplasty Surgery

Your ears are covered with a heavy dressing after the surgery. After one week, the heavy dressing will be replaced with a headband that will cover your  ears completely. This headband protects your ears from any accidental bump.

Common Dos and Don’ts of Otoplasty Surgery Care

You will have quicker and almost-painless healing if you do these after the surgery.

  1. Keep your head elevated with extra pillows while you sleep
  2. Eat a healthy diet to support your healing process with a proper dose of nutrients
  3. Keep your head cool and avoid getting sweaty.
  4. Follow the prescription and take medicines regularly

For quicker healing from the surgery, you should avoid doing these:

  1. Do not touch or rub your ears excessively
  2. Do not smoke when you are healing
  3. Do not touch or scratch the incision lines
  4. No High-Intensity exercise
  5. Avoid long exposure to sun and heat
  6. Do not use a hair dryer or heated hair styling tools
  7. Do not shampoo your hair for at least one week after the surgery

Take care of your Sleep

We spend half of our time in bed. Since your  ears are at the risk of pain and pressure while sleeping, you will need to take extra care about that. Here is how you can take care of your sleep in a way that supports your otoplasty surgery healing.

Use Ear Pillows with a hole

There is an excellent product on the market for people with ear pain, soreness, injury, or surgery. This is a pillow with a hole in it for your ear.

An ear pillow with a hole helps you save your ear from pressure and possible pain. It gives support to your head & shoulders and provides the full functionality of a pillow with the advantage of an ear hole.

Use ear pillows with a hole

These pillows for ear support are filled with Polyester fibers, memory foam, or natural fillings like bamboo fibers, etc. Pillows that are filled with natural fibers or come with a cooling gel layer stay cool.

If you are on the lookout for the best pillow for ear pain supporting, check SleepEasy Ear Pillow range.

Advantages of Ear Pillows

Easy to Use

The ear pillows are easy to use. When a patient lies on her side on the pillow, her ear will naturally get into the hole, saving it from any squeezing. The ear-hole on the pillow is positioned just right to comfort the aching ear.

The ear pillow is useful for all types of ear pain, ear soreness, or surgery.

Supports Ear Surgery Healing

When you are recovering from an ear surgery like otoplasty, the ear pillow will help a lot. After otoplasty, the focus of care is on not moving or pressing the ear as much as possible. An ear pillow helps you do that by letting you sleep without crushing your ear. This helps you recover and gives you a good night's sleep.

Reduces ear pain

The ear pillow reduces ear pain or any soreness pain. The hole keeps the air flowing through the pillow. It reduces pillow friction on the ear.

How to Select the Ear Hole Pillow?

There are many options available for ear hole pillows. You can shortlist and select the perfect one for your needs using these simple criteria.

Pillow Shape

The best pillow for ear hole pain depends upon your requirement.

The two most popular ear pillows are one side ear hole ear pillow and both sides ear hole ear pillow. One side hole pillow is useful when you only need to protect one ear from friction or pressing. However, if you have pain in both ears or you have had otoplasty surgery, you may prefer both side ear hole pillow.

With both sides ear hole ear pillow, your ear will be into the ear hole on either side and you will save any pain.

Pillow Filling

There are two types of pillow fillings available for ear hole pillows; foam filling and cluster filling.

The foam-filled ear pillow is more suitable for CNH and it controls the spread of infection. A foam-filled pillow provides good support for the shoulder and back.

The cluster-filled ear pillow is filled with small pearl-like polyester balls. This filling provides longer life for the pillow and easier adjustability if you want to push more filling into a pillow area.

The filling can be synthetic or natural. Synthetic filling is polyester fiber and one very popular natural filling is bamboo fibers filling. In our advice, the best pillow for ear pain supporting is a cluster-filled ear pillow due to its adjustability. If you can get natural fiber filling in a cluster-filled ear pillow, it would be the best of both worlds.

Three Top Choices for Ear Pillow

There are many options available for ear pillows. You can select the best pillow for ear pain support by looking into our curated shortlist of top choices for ear pillows.

SleepEasy CNH Pillow

SleepEasy CNH pillow is designed by a dermatologist. It is easy on the skin. It comes with polyurethane filling and a removable, washable cotton pillow cover. The perfect size ear hole makes it an excellent choice for CNH patients and Otoplasty surgery patients.

PureComfort Ear Pillow

PureComfort Ear Pillow is a durable choice. It comes with a hole for the ear. The material is memory foam. The pillow is adjustable so you can move the filling from one side to another in the pillow. The pillow cover is made of 100% cotton which feels good and provides excellent breathability.

Remedy Contour Pillow with Ear Hole

Remedy Contour Pillow is a U-shaped pillow with an ear hole. The pillow gives great support to the neck, shoulders, and back. The ear hole makes it a perfect choice for people with ear soreness, CNH, or Otoplasty Surgery. You can also take this travel-size pillow with you.

Our Recommendation 

Ear discomfort can be really painful. Whether you are suffering from CNH or you just went through Otoplasty Surgery, you need to take care of your ear to recover. If you are not hurting your ear in sleep by crushing it, you will recover with double speed.

SleepEasy Pillow with Center Hole for Ear Pain

SleepEasy Pillow with Center Hole for Ear Pain

Get the restful sleep you deserve with the ear pillow with center hole, a specially designed pillow created to provide relief and comfort to ear pain sufferers.

SleepEasy Pillow with Center Hole for Ear Pain


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For a good night's sleep with ear pain, you need to  get an ear hole pillow. The best pillow for ear pain supporting will come with a hole in it so that there is no pressure or force on your ear.

There are many good choices available for the best pillow for ear pain supporting including the SleepEasy Ear Pillow range; which is available in different sizes including travel-size pillows. Check out the full range today here.

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