SleepEasy Ear Piercing Pillow

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Ear piercing can be painful; don’t make it more painful than it has to be. Use an ear piercing pillow to save yourself ear pain and get sound sleep. 

Ear piercing pillows give your ear a cushion and don’t let your ear touch the beddings. 

Ear piercing is not an ear condition and there is no pain if your ear stays still. SleepEasy Ear Piercing pillow achieves just that by keeping space between your ear and the pillow. 

SleepEasy Ear Piercing pillow comes in a donut shape. It is small enough to fit inside your travel bag or backpack. You can take your ear pillow anywhere with you without worrying about the piercing stings

SleepEasy ear piercing donut pillow comes with poly fiber fill with a zipper. You can adjust the height of the pillow by adding or removing the poly fiber fill in the pillow. 

The 100% cotton ear piercing pillow cover is machine-washable.