SleepEasy Ear Pillow with Hole

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Ear Pillow with hole is an especially designed and manufactured pillow by a renowned dermatologist, Dr. Cannon, for ear pain patients. 

SleepEasy CNH Cotton Comfort pillow is made with comfortable, poly fiber fill with a cotton pillow cover. 

The poly fiber fill does not have odor or off-gassing. This ear pillow with hole comes with a 100% cotton, washable pillow cover. You can machine-wash the pillow cover periodically to keep it smelling fresh. 

SleepEasy ear pillow with a hole comes with a hole for the ear. It creates a distance between the ear and the pillow and doesn’t let your ear touch the pillow. 

The ear pillow height is adjustable. You can lower the pillow height by removing some poly-fiber fill, or increase the pillow height by adding some filling. 

Ear pain patients have sensitive ears and any misplaced touching or pressure can trigger potentially severe ear pain. We designed our SleepEasy ear pillow with a hole for the ear to stop just that. 

The ear hole on SleepEasy Ear Pillow is big enough to comfort your ear.

Pillow measurements: 19" x 14" x 4", Hole 4" x 4". Machine washable.