Ultimate Guide to the Best Donut Pillow & Top Choices

Ultimate Guide to the Best Donut Pillow & Top Choices

Posted by Dr. Cannon on May 22nd 2022

When you have to sit for long durations due to work or any physical problem, you may start feeling pain and discomfort. There are multiple causes of the pain and discomfort including tailbone injuries, sores, and hemorrhoids. An office worker may be able to take breaks frequently to relieve her pain but the seniors might not be able to get up often. A donut pillow can help with the tailbone or sores pain for both.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at donut pillows and how they can help alleviate tailbone pain, sores, and hemorrhoid pain.

What Is A Donut Pillow?

A donut pillow, as the name suggests, is a pillow in the shape of a donut with a hole in the center. A donut pillow is a foam cushion or an inflatable tube cushion with a hole in the middle and helps with tailbone pain, sore pain, and hemorrhoid pain.

A donut pillow is also called a ring pillow, hemorrhoid cushion, or hemorrhoid pillow. The donut pillow is made of foam with varying firmness. The donut pillows come in a simple round shape and ergonomic shape with foam cutouts for better comfort.

Donut Pillow vs Coccyx Pillow

A donut pillow is a round pillow resembling a donut whereas Coccyx pillows are mostly U-shaped pillows with a cutout at the back. Some coccyx pillows are round and have cutouts on the front and back. These cutouts help adjust the tailbone and relieve pressure from the tailbone.

The coccyx pillows are made for people with coccyx pain. Coccyx pain is often caused by an injury or after pregnancy. If you are unsure about the pillow you should choose, i.e. a donut pillow or a coccyx pillow, try both and go for the one that feels most comfortable.

What Are Donut Pillows Used For?

Donut pillows are used for sores pain relief, hemorrhoid pain relief, and tailbone pain relief. It is recommended for the people who have to sit for long hours or seniors who use a wheelchair or cannot move much.

To get the best of a donut pillow, you will need to sit right. Use the donut pillow on flat surfaces. It is better if the donut cushion is touching the back of your seat/chair/bench. Keep your legs aligned with the side edges of the donut pillow for the tailbone.

When you are using the donut pillow cushion right, you will experience great benefits such as;

  • Ease in tailbone pain and hemorrhoid pain
  • Relief from sores pain
  • Comfortable sitting thanks to ventilation
  • Improves your sitting posture
  • It may help strengthen the core
  • Also helps with sciatica pain, osteoarthritis, and spinal stenosis

Who Should Use A Donut Pillow?

You can buy a donut pillow with a prescription and you can easily order the pillow from online stores like Amazon, Walmart, etc.

Anyone suffering from the tailbone pain will get comfort from the donut pillow. It is also effective in conditions like hemorrhoids, bedsores, postpartum back pain, and sciatica.

Seniors, who are immobile for most of their time, face a high risk of developing sores on the bottom. Using a donut pillow will alleviate the sore pain.

Like people suffering from sciatica, people who have sustained back injury or tailbone injury can benefit from the donut pillow. A donut pillow will help the injured area heal by reducing pressure on it.

For hemorrhoid patients, the donut pillow may or may not provide quality support. The reason is that the affected area does not get any relief from the donut pillow. However, since the donut pillow cushion is cheap, there is no harm in trying.

Donut Pillow for Ear Pain

A donut pillow is also used for ear pain.

Most people are side sleepers. They lay and sleep on their side which causes pressure, friction and squeezing on the ear.

If you are suffering from ear pain, or CNH pain, or you have recently gone through an otoplasty surgery, a donut pillow will help you sleep better.

A donut pillow for ear pain creates some distance between your ear and your bed/pillow. It saves your ear from the pressure and squeezing under head weight. The donut ear pillow will also help you heal quickly for almost all ear ailments.

How To Sit On A Donut Pillow?

Using a donut pillow seems easy, just sit on it. But, there is more to it.

If you are using an inflatable donut pillow, do not inflate it too much. If there is too much air in it, it may make you unstable and uncomfortable. Inflate it just as much that it supports your weight and provides the necessary help.

Positioning your donut pillow cushion the right way is also important. For a chair, place the donut pillow in the middle of it and make its rear end touch the seat-backrest joining line. Sit in a way that your tailbone is in the middle of the donut pillow. Now, if each buttock is resting equally on the sides of the donut pillow, you are sitting right. Leaning a bit forward will further alleviate tailbone pain.

You may be wondering how to sit on a donut pillow for hemorrhoids, that’s the same as we explained above.

How to Select a donut Pillow?

We have discussed the criteria for selecting a donut pillow. Taking care of these criteria will make sure your pillow is right for you. Here are the criteria.

  1. Purpose of Buying a Donut Pillow
  2. Donut Pillow Material
  3. Donut Pillow Size
  4. Filling Material Density
  5. Ease of Portability
  6. Useful special features
  7. Price

We will discuss these criteria one by one.

Purpose of Buying a Donut Pillow

The most basic use of a donut pillow is extra comfort. You can use donut pillows everywhere. Whether you are in the office, at home, or in your car, you can use a donut pillow for releasing pressure off your tailbone.

A donut pillow improves your posture. It forces you in a way to sit straight and stops you from slouching. People who sit a lot face problems regarding their posture and a donut pillow can surely help.

For seniors, the donut pillow has multiple benefits. As a person ages, they may not be able to move a lot. For example, wheelchair users who either sit in the wheelchair or lay in the bed, are prone to sores. A donut pillow prevents sores and also helps heal them. A donut pillow can also be used in bed for protecting an area from bedsores.

Recovering back-injury patients can use the donut pillow to bring down pressure on their tailbone. Similarly, sciatica, osteoarthritis, and spinal stenosis patients can also use the donut pillow to feel better and heal well.

Hemorrhoid patients can have some utility from the donut pillow. However, you can only determine that after use. A donut pillow does not cost much and if a small investment can help with the distressing pain of hemorrhoids, that investment is worth making.

Donut Pillow Material

The pillow fill material is very important. The comfort and utility of the donut pillow depend on its inside material. There are three choices available in donut pillow material.

Inflatable donut pillows are made of vinyl or nylon. These need to be inflated before use. The chief advantage of the inflatable donut pillows is their adjustability. You can get the perfect height and pressure for your unique needs by filling or releasing air from the donut pillow.

Memory foam bends to the shape of your body. It is soft, comfortable, and lasts longer. The rest or support quality gets better with time.

The gel foam donut pillows are soft and spongy and provide better long-term care. Some gel foam donut pillows may flatten out with time. We recommend that you buy a high-quality gel foam donut cushion pillow.

Donut Pillow Size

There is no one-size-fits-all in the donut pillows. You will need to see your frame size and choose a pillow that fits you the best. If you are buying in-store, you can sit on it and check the size before you buy. When buying online, reading through the comments may be helpful. Or if you are using a donut pillow before, order the same size.

Fill Material Density

A too rigid pillow will not give good support, a too soft donut pillow will flatten out quickly and may become useless with time. A high-quality foam will keep its shape and density mostly.

Ease of Portability

Donut pillows are small in size and can easily fit in your suitcase. You can take them and use them anywhere you go. For portability, the best donut pillow will be inflatable as it can fit into your pocket when deflated.

Useful Special Features

Some donut pillow brands may offer special features on their pillows. These features may include a gel layer for keeping the pillow cool, a washable cover, a mesh top for minimizing sweating, and non-slip bottom of the donut pillow. If a pillow ticks all the boxes for criteria and also has additional features, it is a perfect deal.

Reasonable Price

You can get a donut pillow anywhere between $10 to $60. A high-quality donut pillow will cost more but the expensive pillows also come with additional features and better material. Opting for a high-quality donut pillow will be a better choice.

Top Choices for Donut Pillows

We have weighed the top choices for donut pillows and reviewed them. If you are on the lookout for a donut pillow, these reviews will help you.

SleepEasy Donut Pillow

SleepEasy Donut Pillow has been in the market for over 30 years. SleepEasy Donut Pillow is specially made for people with CNH pain, Ear soreness pain, and any other kind of ear ailment.

This ear donut pillow gives protection to your ears against friction and squeezing they may face on the bed and pillow. It creates a cushion and space between your ear and the pillow and keeps the airflow.

SleepEasy donut ear pillow makes sure your sleep is restful.

Healthy Spirit Gel Donut Pillow Donut Cushion

Healthy Spirit Gel Donut Pillow is made of memory foam. The donut cushion has a gel layer that keeps it cool and comfortable. This tailbone donut pillow has a mesh cover which keeps it sturdy and firm in place.

Healthy Spirit Gel Hemorrhoid cushion has foam cutouts on the front and back. It provides good support to your tailbone and keeps the pressure. The donut pillow is also useful for the back pain of pregnant women. Healthy Spirit Pillow also works fine as a sciatica cushion.

Donut Pillow Gel Seat Cushion by AnboCare - Orthopedic Donut Cushion

AnboCare Orthopedic Donut cushion is a perfect choice as a tailbone pillow, sciatica cushion, pregnancy pillow, travel pillow for back pain, hemorrhoid pillow, and chair pillow.

AnboCare gel sear cushion or doughnut pillow for tailbone is made of memory foam and comes with a gel layer and mesh pillow cover. The donut pillow stays comfortable and most reviewers have reported satisfaction with the pillow firmness.

Donut Tailbone Pain Relief Cushion | Ergonomic Innovation Store

Donut Tailbone Pain Relief Cushion is another donut cushion that serves a wide range of patients with a proven satisfaction record.

This tailbone donut cushion has an ergonomic design and fits well on your body. It provides support to the tailbone, backbone, sciatica, pregnancy pain, postpartum pain, etc. The donut cushion comes with a machine washable polyester pillow cover.

H. Charcoal Donut Pillow for Tailbone Pain

H Charcoal Donut Pillow is made of memory foam. This tailbone donut cushion memory foam is infused with bamboo charcoal that absorbs the smell and does not stink.

There is a gel layer in the donut cushion. It stays cool and provides comfortable seating. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, it serves well as a tailbone pillow, hemorrhoid pillow, postpartum pillow, pregnancy pillow, sciatica pillow, back pain pillow, and general seat cushion. Check it out today. 


Where To Buy Donut Pillow?

You can buy a donut pillow online from Amazon, Walmart, or any other online store offering donut pillows. Most retail stores and mattress stores sell donut pillows. It is also an inexpensive item.

Are Donut Pillows Bad For Hemorrhoids?

Donut pillows may not be very effective in relieving hemorrhoid discomfort. This is because the pillow does not address the affected area.

Do You Need A Donut Pillow Postpartum?

Using a donut pillow for sitting will help you take the pressure off your tailbone. The donut pillow will make you feel better. It may not be necessary but it will surely help.

Does A Donut Pillow Help Sciatica?

A donut pillow helps alleviate sciatica pain and discomfort. It removes pressure from your tailbone while sitting.