SleepEasy CNH Pillow® Original

  • Removable, machine washable, and 100% cotton pillow cover.
  • Made of memory foam, have no off-gassing or harsh odor.
  • Maximum comfort, with a center hole, easy to use, and suitable for all ages.
  • Perfect for sleeping with ear piercings, air soreness, (CNH) Pain & otoplasty surgery.
  • Highly effective prophylactic aid (used to prevent the spread of infection).

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The SleepEasy CNH Pillow®, 3" Original, was designed by a dermatologist for relief from CNH pain, ear soreness, and otoplasty surgery pain. The ear pillow comes with a 100% cotton pillow cover which is removable and machine washable.  

You will experience a restful, peaceful, and pain-free sleep. The pillow is made of memory foam, has no off-gassing or harsh order, and measures 18" x 14.5" x 3". The hole measures 2" x 4.5" at its largest point.

Our invention has proven to be so effective that it has changed people's lives worldwide.SleepEasy CNH Pillow® Originalfeatures an innovative design that allows your ears to remain cool, comfortable, and protected against friction throughout the night. 

The SleepEasy CNH Pillow is also known as 'pillow with a hole' or 'pillow with ear hole'. The term comes from the pillow shape and the purpose it serves. SleepEasy CNH Pillows ease the air soreness pain, and CNH pain and help otoplasty surgery patients heal better. 

Many of our customers use an additional thin pillow under the CNH Pillow to achieve a comfortable height; this will not affect how it works. You can also put your own oversized pillowcase over the pillow; simply tuck the excess fabric into the hole. Made in Texas.

5 Reasons You Need the Pillow with a Hole 

  • It can reduce ear pain during pregnancy
  • It's the best pillow for Using Headphones
  • You're recovering From ear surgery
  • If you're a committed side-sleeper
  • If you Need a Pillow for Your Ear Piercings

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  • 5
    Excellent pillow

    Posted by Bill on Jan 31st 2022

    Gives my wife tremendous relief for her ear. Great pillow.

  • 5
    The "Original" pillow is the best.

    Posted by Ann Kosel on Dec 15th 2021

    This is the third pillow I bought from SleepEasy. It is a fantastic pillow that solves my ear problem. Their customer service is wonderful also.

  • 4
    good pillow

    Posted by JW Cossey on May 3rd 2021

    Good pillow. Helped with ear relief. We bought the pillow cover also. The pillow will need to be broken in a little since it was a little more solid than expected, but should get more comfortable around the neck once it is worn in.

  • 5
    I really sleep well on this pillow!

    Posted by Sharon Myer on Apr 6th 2021

    I have a sore ear and this pillow has helped to heal it and also helped me get a good night's sleep! Thank you!

  • 5

    Posted by Pat Margolis on Dec 30th 2020

    I love this soft and comfortable pillow.

  • 5
    Sleepeasy CNH Pillow

    Posted by Rachel Welburn on Dec 10th 2020

    Such a find! I have suffered with pressure sores on my ears for a long time and tried many different things. I wish I'd found this before. Within a few days of sleeping on this new pillow my ear pain is lessening and they are actually healing. It's nice and firm too, and the shape for a side sleeper is perfect. Worth every cent!

  • 4
    Original sleep easy pillow

    Posted by Debra Wiese on Oct 23rd 2020

    I'm glad it has the same density as the one I bought 2 years ago, however I do not like the color of the foam which is now blue. The color makes the white pillow cover look light green. I do like the size of the pillow cover, which fits much better than the original one.

  • 5
    SleepEasy CNH Pillow Original Soft

    Posted by elene family on Apr 23rd 2020

    I have been using the SleepEasy CNH Pillow for a few months and it is such a relief not to have sore ears. I was and am pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it is and easy for me to adjust to using. I highly recommend it. I am grateful to my dermatologist for recommending it. I also found the person I spoke to before ordering it, answered all my questions and was very helpful.

  • 5
    CNH pillow

    Posted by Patricia A Mooney on Mar 5th 2020

    Pillow is very comfortable and my poor ear is doing much better. I sure would like the pattern for the case though. I prefer a satin pillowcase and would like to make one. If you can send me the pattern I would greatly appreciate it. Just let me know the cost. Thank you