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The original CNH Pillow, designed by a dermatologist for relief from pressure sores on the ear. Includes fitted, removable, washable cotton cover. The molded pillow is made of molded poly foam, measures 18" x 14.5" x 3". The hole measures 4" x 6" at it's largest point, and is shaped like a bowl, so it tapers down into the pillow.

Many of our customers use an additional thin pillow under the CNH Pillow to achieve a comfortable height; this will not affect how it works. You can also put your own oversized pillowcase over the pillow; simply tuck the excess fabric into the hole. Made in Texas.

Now available in Soft Original and Cool Firm. The Original (Soft) feels like memory foam; the Firm is firmer and features new blue cooling technology. Both are made of molded polyurethane foam, but with a difference in density. 



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    CNH Pillow

    Posted by Gad Williams on Mar 19th 2018

    Received pillow as advertised. My has bent back issues also, so it has taken some time to learn how to keep ear in the pillow opening. Ear now protected and pressure ulcer healing.

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    John Anderson

    Posted by John Anderson on Mar 16th 2018

    This pillow works as advertised. I do get relief from the pressure points on my my left ear. I do wish the pillow was about 2 inches thicker.

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    Too early to give 5 stars.

    Posted by Dianna O'Rourke on Mar 13th 2018

    At present, this pillow seems to be helping my ear compression, but only time will tell. I am still trying to adjust to the contour and height for neck support. (I cannot sleep with elbows bent and hands under pillow for support because of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome) The ear opening seems to be relieving the pressure and soreness that I have been experiencing, so I am encouraged that this may be the pillow for me. Thanks to all of you for the work you have done to help with CNH.

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    Very pleased.

    Posted by KARL BEACH on Mar 12th 2018

    The pillow's ear hole is plenty large for my ear. I added a folded towel to add a little extra height to suit me. Since using the pillow, my sore ear has healed completely. Highly recommend for sore ears.

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    Jeanne Bosky

    Posted by Jeanne Bosky on Mar 7th 2018

    Jeanne Bosky

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    CNH soft pillow

    Posted by D. Jarvis on Feb 17th 2018

    I've only been using my pillow for a week, but it has been a week of sleeping on my "favorite side", with no discomfort whatsoever. And the lesion on my ear is shrinking!

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    Works great, fell apart, replaced for free!

    Posted by Colleen on Feb 10th 2018

    I have CNH and a few years ago I had to have surgery to remove it. However I decided to get the pillow to keep it from coming back. I had my first pillow a little less than two years and the hole started ripping more. So I called the company and spoke to a wonderful lady named "Amanda" who told me that although they are typically under warranty for a year, they would send me out a new one free of charge! I got my new one within a week and I got to pick a new color! I don't recommend getting the white, especially if you have pets. So this time I got the navy and I've had it for a few weeks now. It does come with a one year warranty. I think the warranty should be longer, but their customer service is amazing! You can't say that about most places these days! I plan to keep using my CNH pillow to prevent the CNH from coming back ever again. This is a wonderful company! Definitely buy through them!

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    Good healing.

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 9th 2018

    The pillow allowed my ear to heal well. I think that a larger area of foam below the hole would allow one to have ones shoulder partially on the pillow which would be nice.

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    sleepeasy CNH pillow

    Posted by Carol on Feb 9th 2018

    I was really glad to find your pillow. It's a good height, the pocket is the right size, and it's the first relief I've been able to find. I'm sending your brochure to my dermatologist, for his other patients. Thank you for making it! If I were to make one unessential request for modification, it would be for the front edge to be a little curved, rather than a right angle. But this is not necessary. I'm ecstatic to find out that you have a travel size!