The original CNH Pillow, designed by a dermatologist for relief from pressure sores on the ear. Includes fitted, removable, washable white cotton cover. The molded pillow is made of molded poly foam, measures 18" x 14.5" x 3". Many of our customers use an additional thin pillow under the CNH Pillow to achieve a comfortable height; this will not affect how it works. You can also put your own oversized pillowcase over the pillow; simply tuck the excess fabric into the hole. Made in Texas.

Now available in Original and Firm, and we made the hole bigger! 



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Our CNH Pillow hasarrived

I bought my first CNH pillow a long time ago I had surgery to repair a perforated ear drum, I have very small ears with hard bits, so they get sore really easy. The old pillow served me well but finally I had to consider buying another, I bought two from UK suppliers returned the first as not fit for purpose, the second would not accept a return! So I bit the bullet, decided whatever the cost $59 is reasonable price. For delivery cost and customs etc I could have flew over and collected it myself (just kidding). I waited and waited, hurricanes, floods in Texas can,t stop USPS, and now its here early bed tonight! Thanks CNH Pillow. Regards Patricia Ashley


I ordered the soft CNH pillow and am so pleased with the comfort, size, and effectiveness. My ear no longer hurts - even when prodded with fingers. Total relief! I was unsure about getting the firm or soft and decided to try the soft, knowing I could exchange it for the firm if the trial of laying on it while in the unopened plastic felt too soft. I am a small person and the soft is perfect. Perhaps a larger person with a heavier head would prefer the firm. The shaping for the shoulder adds to the comfort. I definitely recommend this pillow.

What a relief!

Prompt service and delivery; comfortable; I find this pillow to be more sturdy than others I have tried in the past.

Not half bad

The opening is perfect for my ear. I'm not a huge fan of having my own pillow case over it. You can tuck it into the hole but it never stays for me. I get extreme pressure pains because I sleep in one position (on my side) the entire night and never move. It definitely has helped. The pillow is nothing special itself. It's just a foam cut out, but it works.

Does it's job

Within 2 week of using the pillow, my ear healed. I wish there was more to the pillow because I have to sleep on 2 pillows now in order for it to be high enough & comfortable.


I really like this pillow. It has really helped my ear. Best sleep I've gotten in weeks due to a very serious sore on my ear. I would absolutely recommend this to my family & friends.


I ordered my third pillow from you two weeks ago and have seen a decline in quality from my first in 2011(more dense foam) and 2015(a little less dense). In 2017 I understand you you moved to a new manufacturer in Houston. This lastest pillow is much thinner and not as comfortable as the first two I purchased. Your product has really helped my problem and I recommended it to my dermatologist in Tulsa several years ago but I feel the changes in thickness and density Degraded your product. I like your pillow just don't like the changes.

CNH pillow

Why didn't I order this earlier!!!!!! It has really helped with my chondodermatis on both ears!!