SleepEasy CNH Pillow® Original

  • Removable, machine washable, and 100% cotton pillow cover.
  • Made of memory foam, have no off-gassing or harsh odor.
  • Maximum comfort, with a center hole, easy to use, and suitable for all ages.
  • Perfect for sleeping with ear piercings, air soreness, (CNH) Pain & otoplasty surgery.
  • Highly effective prophylactic aid (used to prevent the spread of infection).

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The SleepEasy CNH Pillow®, 3" Original, was designed by a dermatologist for relief from CNH pain, ear soreness, and otoplasty surgery pain. The ear pillow comes with a 100% cotton pillow cover which is removable and machine washable.  

You will experience a restful, peaceful, and pain-free sleep with this easy sleeper pillow. The pillow is made of memory foam, has no off-gassing or harsh order, and measures 18" x 14.5" x 3". The hole measures 2" x 4.5" at its largest point.

Our invention has proven to be so effective that it has changed people's lives worldwide. SleepEasy CNH Pillow® Original features an innovative design that allows your ears to remain cool, comfortable, and protected against friction throughout the night. 

The SleepEasy CNH Pillow is also known as 'pillow with a hole' or 'pillow with ear hole'. The term comes from the pillow shape and the purpose it serves. SleepEasy CNH Pillows ease the air soreness pain, and CNH pain and help otoplasty surgery patients heal better. 

Many of our customers use an additional thin pillow under the Sleep Easy pillow to achieve a comfortable height; this will not affect how it works. You can also put your own oversized pillowcase over the sleepeasy pillow; simply tuck the excess fabric into the hole. Made in Texas.

5 Reasons You Need the Pillow with a Hole 

  • It can reduce ear pain during pregnancy
  • It's the best pillow for Using Headphones
  • You're recovering From ear surgery
  • If you're a committed side-sleeper
  • If you Need a Pillow for Your Ear Piercings

Product Details

Color White
Product Type  Physical Product
Material Memory Foam
Length 18 Inches
Width 14.5 Inches
Weight 2.81 Pounds
Depth 3 Inches
GTIN 695087999974
Brand CNH Pillow
Product Care Instruction  Machine Washable
Hole Size 2" x 4.5"
Fabric Type 100% Cotton



Is this pillow helpful in relieving neck pain?

Our sleep easy pillow for neck pain comes with a contoured shoulder rest area so you can tuck in more effectively, naturally supporting your head without reaching or scrunching.

How does this pillow aid in better sleep?

With a thickness of 3", this memory foam pillow provides a firm, cushioned feel that contours to your body. Its balanced firmness and proper airflow make it ideal for keeping cool and relaxed throughout the night.

Is the pillowcase washable?

Each pillow comes with a cool, breathable cotton pillowcase that wicks away sweat and moisture. To keep it fresh and clean, it can also be removed and machine washed.

What is the size of this sleep-easy original pillow?

Hi! Here are the approximate dimensions for our sleep ease pillow
Length: 18 inches
Width: 14.5 inches
Thickness: 3 inches
Hole diameter: 2" x 4.5"
Hope this helps!

Which material is used for this chondrodermatitis pillow?

The sleep easy pillow is made of soft memory foam that supports the head and protects the ears during sleep. This pillowcase is made of 100% cotton, which is soft and comfortable.

What is the best way to use this sleepeasy easy sleeper pillow?

To achieve a comfortable height, many of our customers add a thin pillow underneath the Sleep Easy pillow.

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  • 5

    Posted by Clark Long on Jul 15th 2019

    This is our 4th pillow and it’s the best, we have a travel for when we need to stay in a hotel so we’re never without one of these pillows. No more sore ear that we need to see a doctor. Best find ever!

  • 5

    Posted by Linda McDonald on Jul 2nd 2019

    Great pillow

  • 5
    barbara Gray

    Posted by barbara Gray on Jun 7th 2019

    barbara Gray

  • 1
    SleepEasy CNH Pillow® Original SOFT

    Posted by Nancy Brennan on May 16th 2019

    This item was ordered on May 1. I have not received it as of today May 16. It was sent by USPS and has not been delivered. I have checked tracking number daily. Says it is in transit but has not arrived. I have asked for another to be sent by USP or FedEX.
    The company should have resent the pillow by May 6 when it was supposed to be delivered and was not.
    Then their shipping department was closed for several days.

  • 4
    Sleep easy CNH pillow

    Posted by Renner Hughes on May 8th 2019

    Good product. Thicker and larger would be an asset to future versions.

  • 5
    Cindy Long-Innes

    Posted by Cindy Long-Innes on Apr 22nd 2019

    Great product and superb service from this company!

  • 3
    Jim Weiler

    Posted by Jim Weiler on Apr 1st 2019

    Jim Weiler pillow was good for CHN however I had to alter it for my jaw. I have TMJ so had to hollow out a bit more to keep my jaw from being pushed thus throwing it off kilyer

  • 5
    CNH pillow

    Posted by Barbara Smrekar on Feb 19th 2019

    I was very happy the ear hole was bigger & the pillow softer!!

  • 4
    I have cnh on both ears. When I sleep on the pillow, my ears don't hurt.

    Posted by Lynn Jordan on Feb 14th 2019

    The pillow could be thicker to be more comfortable