CNH Donut Pillow

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Our newest and most compact CNH Ear Donut Pillow. 

Ergonomic CNH Ear Pillow With Hole – Designed especially for side sleepers, Ear pillow with a hole in the middle can help alleviate pressure if you have an earache, ear pain, tinnitus, earrings, or new piercing, or you need more neck and head support. 

In this way, this spinal support pillow acts as an ear piercing pillow, cervical contour pillow, shoulder pillow, neck shoulder pillow, and a neck contour pillow. Also great for CPAP users.

This side sleeper pillow with an ear hole or donut pillow for head is made from soft supportive cool memory foam which Protects the ear and supports the head.

The Ear donut pillow or ear hole pillow can be used as it is or it can be placed on another pillow for use. For many people, it may be thin. However, it will help you sleep better by giving a cushion to your ear. 

The Ear Donut Pillow’s unique design enables your ear to stay cool, comfortable, and protected throughout the night.

The CNH donut pillow for ear pain comes with poly fiberfill that you can adjust. There is a zipper on the side of the sore ear pillow, you can take out any filling if the ear pillow is too high. 

 If you are suffering from ear soreness, this sore ear pillow will or donut hole pillow give you relief. This ear donut pillow can also be used as an ear piercing pillow.

  • Ear hole to reduce ear pain
  • Support head, neck, and spine
  • Made of memory foam, have no off-gassing or harsh odor
  • Maximum comfort, with center hole
  • Perfect for sleeping with ear piercings.
  • High-quality zipper, smooth and easy to use
  • Soft and breathable ear pillowcase
  • Effectively treats air soreness, CNH Pain, and helps otoplasty surgery patients heal better.
  • A highly effective prophylactic aid (used to prevent the spread of infection)
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Removable, machine washable, and 100% Cotton Ear Pillow Case.


Product Details

Color White
Product Type  Physical Product
Material Memory Foam
Height 9.5 Inches
Width 9.5 Inches
Weight 5.00 Oz
Depth 2.25 Inches
GTIN 680147219971
Brand CNH Pillow
Product Care Instruction  Machine Washable
Hole Size 3.5 Inches
Fabric Type 100% Cotton



How does this donut pillow help with ear pain?

No matter if you suffer from CNH, pressure sores, or ear pain, this donut ear pillow will be the best sleep companion for you. A donut shape supports your head, and an opening in the middle lets your healing ear rest without pain or irritation.

How big is this ear donut pillow?

In contrast to normal ear donut pillows, our CNH pillow for side sleepers is very thick and comfortable. Its diameter is about 9.5 inches, the hole size is about 3.5 inches and its thickness is about 2.25 inches. In order to find your personal comfort zone, you can use the ear hole pillow on top of other pillows for added elevation and support.

Which material is used for this Donut Pillow?

This donut ear pillow is made from soft supportive cool memory foam which protects the ear and supports the head. This pillowcase is made of 100% cotton, which is soft and comfortable. This CNH donut ear pillow has a zipper on the side, so if the ear pillow is too high, you can remove the filling. 

How does this Ear Donut pillow improve your sleep?

The small travel pillow with an ear hole is designed to relieve pressure from a sore ear and promote a good night's sleep. Due to its amazing opening hole, your sore ear won't be touched regardless of where it is located. Get a good night's sleep without ear irritation!

Why is our Donut pillow best for Ear Pain?

The CNH donut pillow is made of soft and supportive cool memory foam to protect your ears. This CNH ear donut pillow is large enough to fit around your ear. There is enough filling around the hole in the middle to take the pressure off your ear. It's also firm enough to prevent my head from squeezing it down.

What is the best way to use this CNH Pillow?

It makes a great ear pillow when combined with any regular pillow. It has a low loft, so it's easy to travel with. Many people may find it thin. You will, however, sleep better with this donut pillow as this gives your ears a cushion.

Why does my Pillow Hurt my Ears?

Everyday pillows cause friction and sweating in the ear. If you are a side sleeper and you spend the whole night on one side, you will feel outer ear pain the next morning. 

This pain is due to the pressure and squeezing your ear has been through since last night. Consider using a pillow that does not hurt your ear like a donut pillow for the head as we have here. It will take off the pressure and relieve the ear pain.

What is the Best Pillow for Ear Pain?

The best pillow for ear pain is CNH Donut Pillow. This is an ear pillow with a hole in the middle and it removes the friction and pressure of the pillow on your ear. While you are resting on the pillow, this Donut Pillow for the ear will not let your ear touch the pillow or bed. This way, you will not feel pain in sleep.

What are the other names for CNH donut pillow?

A CNH donut pillow is also called ‘donut pillow for head’, ‘donut hole pillow’, ‘pillow with an ear hole’, ‘doughnut pillow’ and ‘doughnut ear pillow’. 


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  • 5
    Donut pillow

    Posted by Hudson on Oct 10th 2022

    I really like the concpt of this pillow. I bought it as a supporting pillow. although It was quite small in size It was perfect for me, I felt comforted, and that was all, that I needed exactly. I am an advocate of this donut Pillow!

  • 5
    Donut pillow

    Posted by anderson on Oct 8th 2022

    I bought this donut pillow because I needed an upgrade from that old, traditional pillows but this just just changed my sleeping, I used to wake up with pain in my head and ears, but after using it, I felt a Positive change in sleeping. Really like the concept. Highly Recommended for people looking for an upgrade

  • 5
    Donut pillow

    Posted by Hudson Jamie on Oct 7th 2022

    I am just in love with CNH pillows, this pillow was something I purchased to aid with one side's painful ear. It worked perfectly to relieve the pressure on my ear and is now completely gone within days. I bought this as a second pillow from CNH Pillow. I appreciate the little size so much that I will use it as my everyday cushion for the time being. I just adjusted a little bit and it was ready for me to have a soothing night. With this buy, I am quite happy. Buying American felt fantastic, too. I highly recommend it to others.

  • 5
    Donut pillow

    Posted by Patrick on Oct 4th 2022

    I've developed painful pressure wounds on my ear from sleeping on a regular pillow. I was told to buy a pillow with a hole by my dermatologist. Then I realized he wasn't joking but this stuff works! The sores have healed nicely. Learning to sleep with my injured ear in the right place was challenging. I was getting a neck ache, as it is relatively low. I added an additional pillow underneath this one, and that solved the problem. Perfect! No sore. No neck pain. Perfect sleeping continues. It's wise to have an extra pillowcase. For this, you might need to visit their store abroad.

  • 5
    Donut Pillow

    Posted by Adam Smiths on Sep 30th 2022

    I was miserable because of my CNH pain. My doctor was doing everything to help my ear heal, but I was having trouble sleeping. I couldn't put my head on the pillow. A nurse told me that there was a pillow that could help. which did help me. My ears hurt less at night and I can sleep better.

  • 5
    Donut Pillow

    Posted by Kolin Morgan on Sep 29th 2022

    In the past five months, I have tried other brands, but they have not worked for me. I have been pain free since I started using the CNH Donut Pillow, thanks to a friend of mine who suggested it to me.

  • 5
    CNH Donut Pillow

    Posted by Jack Anderson on Sep 29th 2022

    This product was exciting to me because Im a side sleeper and have been waking up with a sore ear from crushing my ear against the pillow all night. After trying several things to elevate my head a little, I kept thinking, all I need is a pillow with a hole! I found this, to my surprise. Now Im happy