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The SleepEasy CNH Pillow®, Original Soft, is available for a limited time at a reduced price ($48.00 including shipping) when you buy a Factory Second. 

What is a Factory Second? Sometimes we receive foam that is not perfect from the factory - typically there will be one or two breaks in the foam around an edge of the pillow, no more than one inch deep, or less often the hole might be off center, or the pillow might be up to a half inch thinner. Also, the pillow cover will have a flaw somewhere in the stitching. We do not normally advertise these pillows and we do not send them out at full price. 

Do they still work? Absolutely! Treat the pillow gently and always use it with the fitted cover, and a Factory Second with a flaw will still offer the same great pain relief for your ear. 

What else do I need to know? Unlike our other products, Factory Seconds do not include a warranty. Factory Seconds are only returnable if they remain sealed in the plastic, and we do not pay the return shipping for exchanges or returns. The Senior Discount is not available for Factory Seconds.

The majority of our Factory Seconds are Original Soft (with white cover). If you're looking for a Thick Soft, or a Cool Firm, please email us to check availability. We have limited total stock of Factory Seconds and once they are sold out, we won't sell them again for at least a year. (Please see products and descriptions of our other pillows to find out more details about each one.)






No Warranty